Cornyn opponent continues to stumble

AP/Dallas Morning News:

There he was, trying to attract Texans' attention by holding a Webcast town hall meeting to answer voter questions about his U.S. Senate race.

Two minutes later, Democrat Rick Noriega's show turned to static. Lots of static. Then the camera tilted upside down. Then more static. The screen went to black. A few voters' questions could be heard, but Noriega's answers were often interrupted by audio and video glitches.

Technical troubles aren't the only difficulties lately for Noriega's long shot bid to oust Republican Sen. John Cornyn. Faced with Cornyn's far larger bank account and advantage of incumbency in a predominantly Republican state, Noriega has little room for error. Yet his campaign continues to stumble on matters big and small.


There is much more.

It appears to me that Noriega has been abandoned by the Democrats and is not getting much in the way of political or technical support. His campaign never had much of a shot but the misfires keep coming. In addition to these problems Democrats have saddled him with losing issues like energy and national security. It is a wonder he does not question his own party affiliation.


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