Mugabe sends invitations to swearing in


Zimbabwean officials sent out invitations Sunday to a presidential swearing-in ceremony, hours after Robert Mugabe declared himself the winner of the country's runoff elections.

A government official confirmed to CNN that invitations had been sent out, but said the ceremony would not be held until official results were announced some time Sunday -- and a winner declared.

A Zimbabwean journalist told CNN there was a lot of activity at the presidential residence Saturday night. Tents went up and trucks drove in and out of the property, leading reporters to speculate that a swearing-in ceremony for Mugabe may be in the works.

Mugabe has already declared himself the winner of Friday's runoff, even though the election was strongly questioned by a group of African lawmakers who observed the polls.


Meanwhile President Bush has called for new sanctions according to the NY Times.

President Bush called Saturday for an international arms embargo against Zimbabwe in the wake of last week’s “sham election,” and announced that the United States is drafting new economic sanctions that, for the first time, would take aim at the entire government of President Robert Mugabe.

“The international community has condemned the Mugabe regime’s ruthless campaign of politically motivated violence and intimidation,” Mr. Bush said in a statement from the presidential retreat at Camp David, Md., adding that he had directed his secretaries of treasury and state to develop sanctions “against this illegitimate government of Zimbabwe and those who support it.”

The world should start by shunning Mugabe's invitation to his swearing in. We already know it will be a false oath anyway since he has not shown any pretense in following the Zimbabwe constitution.


  1. And once again, Britain and the USA will sit back and watch the crimes against humanity while they try enforce sanctions that are never going to be effective against such an economically devestated country anyway.

    Like Poland in 1939 all over again, where the world sat back and watched while condemning the actions.

    Wonder what the reaction would be from the Western World if Zimbabwe was sitting on some large Oil wells.


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