Kenya asks for Mugabe suspension from AU


Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has urged the African Union to suspend Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe until he allows free and fair elections.

His appeal at an African Union summit in Egypt came as Zimbabwe's opposition said the country faced a constitutional crisis after an "illegal" poll.

Mr Mugabe claimed victory as the sole candidate in the presidential re-run after the opposition leader withdrew.

Meanwhile, Italy recalled its envoy to Zimbabwe in protest at the situation.


Speaking to reporters in Nairobi, Mr Odinga said: "They should suspend him and send peace forces to Zimbabwe to ensure free and fair elections."

Mr Odinga, a vocal critic of President Mugabe, says the AU would set a dangerous precedent by accepting him as "a duly elected president".


Some have said that Mugabe was treated like a hero at the meeting others said he was shunned. Odingo appears to be the only voice of sanity to speak out so far. It is a start.


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