More Iranian weapons found in Iraq


A cache of Iranian manufactured rockets was turned over to Coalition forces based at Forward Operating Base Delta, Dec. 4.

Iraqi civil defense personnel delivered 14 107 mm Iranian rockets and fuses to the Kazakhstani Soldiers, said 1st Lt. Almaz Mukashev, the Kazakhstani liaison officer. The rockets were manufactured in 2006.

The Iraqi civil defense personnel have turned over munitions to Coalition forces before, but this was the first delivery of Iranian weapons to Coalition forces, said Col. Peter Baker, the 214th Fires Brigade commander.

“This is another indication of the cooperation of Iraqi officials who in all earnestness want to have a better society,” Baker said. “They know these rockets are here illegally and that they are here to maim and kill Iraqi security forces and Coalition forces.”

Baker said this is a sign that Iraqis are taking ownership of their area to bring about better security.


I have been saying for weeks what is different about this lull is that the Iraqis are taking ownership of the security situation and working with coalition forces to make things better rather than acting as bystanders as they have in the past. It is another testament to the effectiveness of the counterinsurgency strategy.


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