Blackwater for Bhutto?

The Belmont Club comments on an article in the Telegraph indicating that Bhutto was not allowed to hire the American security firm Blackwater.


The aftermath of the Bhutto assassination demonstrates why public criticism is the unavoidable consequence of being perceived as "responsible" for the world. The implied criticism in the article above is that "the Bush administration didn't pressure Musharraf" to let Bhutto hire Blackwater. But isn't Blackwater the diabolical "mercenary" company that is the root of all evil in the world? But if Blackwater had been hired to protect Bhutto and shot the gunman before he could kill Bhutto, there would still be no out. The headlines would probably read "mercenary company indiscriminately fires at Pakistani crowd just as in Iraq." And if he missed the headlines would read "incompetent American bodyguard fails to spot assassin. Was Cheney involved in plot to kill Bhutto?"

The next the time the world needs saving they should call Greenpeace.

I am not sure Bhutto would have been happy with Blackwater anyway, since they would probably have objected to her campaigning in the middle of an uncontrolled crowd. Wretchard is right about the blame game though.


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