Osama's new message on Iraq


Terror leader Osama bin Laden will release a new Internet message that focuses on Iraq and an al-Qaida linked insurgent group, a terrorism monitoring group said Thursday.

The SITE intelligence group said the al-Qaida leader will discuss Iraq and the group the Islamic State of Iraq, a longtime foe of the Iraqi government and U.S. forces.

SITE, which provides counter-terrorism information to government and private groups, said the announcement of the impending message was posted to Islamic militant Web sites earlier in the day.

The posting said the message — titled `The way to contain conspiracies" — would last 56 minutes. It did not say when it would be released, but such ads usually precede the actual message by one to three days.


This message must come as a shock to the NY Times which claims that the violence in Iraq is by a local group they call al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Those words have apparently never passed Osama's lips, but that has not deterred the NY Times. Nor will a message from Osama complaining about the conspiracy of the Sunni tribes to defeat his people whom the Times claims are not there. Osama does appear to be stepping on his Pakistan message. Message timing can be difficult when you are hiding in a cave.


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