Signs of hope in the Bosnia quagmire

Dick Morris:

HERE'S a story most newspapers buried, if they ran it all all: Bosnia's three key ethnic/political groups (Muslims, Serbs and Croats) have all agreed to unify their nation and end the tripartite government bequeathed them by the Dayton peace accords negotiated in 1995 after a heavy round of American bombing.

No longer were racial hatreds so deep that these three factions needed to stay away from one another. Now the desire to centralize to join Europe and grow economically has overcome the animosities that led to 250,000 deaths in the early 1990s.

Should we expect a similar article 10 years hence — about Iraq?

As intense as the killing has been in Iraq, with 30,000 civilian and 2,000 U.S. military deaths, it doesn't come close to Bosnia's quarter-million genocide. But constitution-making, nation-building and planting the seeds of democracy have still worked in Bosnia.

To cap it all off, the Bosnian Serbs said that they would undertake "all possible measures and actions to find and apprehend" the two most widely sought war criminals — Radovan Karadzic and Gen. Ratko Mladic, once their political and military leaders.


So eight times as many people were killed in sectarian violence in Bosina than have been killed in Iraq. So why do liberals think Iraq is worse?


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