The left's desperation for defeat

Vasko Kohlmayer:

The War on Terror has brought on many complex problems and challenges. Perhaps none is more critical than the conduct of the political Left which is apparently set on sabotaging our efforts. Unable to come up with a logical explanation, political observers either throw up their hands in bewilderment or ascribe the Left’s posture to some irrational nihilistic impulse. But such conclusions are neither satisfactory nor correct.

The Left’s sabotage of this war is a deliberate attempt to give relief to the other side. This is because their corresponding views on capitalism and the West make Islamic radicals and the Left natural allies. The Left seeks to weaken us from within in order to help those whose shared worldview binds them in a common pact. Once we understand the nature of this stealth partnership, the reasons behind the Left’s often seemingly inexplicable actions will become alarmingly apparent.

But to do so, we must start at the beginning.

For reasons we need not go into here, some people in capitalism develop an aversion toward it. Needless to say, it can be seen and felt in many places – at anti-establishment rallies, globalization protests, in the ranks of our cultural and intellectual elites, among radical activists, and the movies of Michael Moore to mention just a few – where capitalism is spoken of as evil, exploitative, alienating, dehumanizing and such.

This hatred gives rise to the urge to strike out. On the crudest level, it is expressed as violence against capitalism’s symbols and institutions such as financial centers and corporations. The efforts to institutionalize capitalism-adverse policies are a more sophisticated manifestation of this impulse. Some of the more obvious ones are regulatory restrictions on the free market, the expansion of the state and the shackling of the private sector. It goes without saying that the possessors of this anti-capitalist outlook invariably congregate on the political Left.


They call those who plot against us freedom fighters comparable to America’s founding fathers. Claiming we can never win, they advocate withdrawal from the battlefield. They do not want us to beat back the ruthless foe whose objective is our destruction. Rather they wish to shield him from our power and wrath so that he can accomplish his avowed purpose.

The man who spearheads our efforts is the Left’s most loathed man. His effectiveness has drawn hatred so excessively visceral and vindictive as to be unequalled in modern times. Anathema in the Left’s eyes, he has been called Hitler, an outlaw, a murderer and worse. Needless to say, the Left is doing all it can to impugn and shackle George W. Bush as he champions our cause in this conflict.

Once again the Left has turned to the peace movement as its weapon of choice. The idea is the same as it has always been – to checkmate our military to make it possible for the enemy to prevail. A civilization is only viable only insofar as it can defend itself. The Left’s peace campaign is a stratagem for our defeat. To go along with its demands would make us an easy target for our enemies. Any civilization that wants to survive must be able to protect itself and for that it needs a strong and effective military. Pacifism in the face of a determined adversary is always fatal. The Left knows it, which is why it advocates it.


Most of us would like to believe that the Left’s apparent sabotage of our war effort is not intentional. We would prefer to think that the Left is sincere, if badly misguided. But the evidence points to the contrary. The Left’s pacifism can be used as one of many examples. It only extends to the exercise of our military power while our belligerent enemies – be it the expansionistic Soviets or murderous Islamists – invariably get a pass. Contradictions such as this reveal the Left’s true agenda which is not what they say it is, peace in this instance, but our defeat.


In this conflict, as in all others, the Left disingenuously calls for tolerance, understanding and dialogue while condemning tough measures which alone can safeguard our continued existence. In this it follows its traditional modus operandi of wrapping its stealth agendas in the cloak of high-flown rhetoric. Sadly, it has succeeded in duping many well-intentioned people into assisting an adversary whose implacable hatred can only be quenched by our eradication.

The depth and extent of the Left’s deceit will become clear once it is understood how their shared views on our society make them a stealth ally of Islamic radicals. The treachery must be exposed, because this war on terror – hard and protracted as it promises to be – cannot be won with a fifth column in our midst.

There is much more.


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