In an area where slaves were purchased before Africa, the practice returns

The Sunday Telegram:

Young women are being imprisoned as sex slaves in secret underground bunkers before being trafficked to Britain, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Our investigation uncovered shocking evidence in eastern Europe, including video footage, of groups of women locked in squalid cellars below motels.

The victims - found by police in a series of raids - were allowed out of the cramped bunkers only to "service" clients in nearby rooms before being taken straight back underground.

The "cellar girls" were among thousands of young women lured to Macedonia from their native countries across eastern Europe by ruthless criminal gangs.

Promised jobs as waitresses, au pairs or dancers, they are forced into prostitution before being sold to human traffickers.

In a series of undercover investigations, the Sunday Telegraph has already revealed that women can be bought for £1,400 in Romania. They are among the victims of what has been described as "medieval slavery in the 21st century".

Many end up in Britain, enslaved by ruthless Albanian gangs who, according to Scotland Yard, now control almost all of London's prostitution rings.


As Thomas Sowell points out in his excellent book, Conquest and Culture, the Slavs of eastern Europe were the slaves of choice before Africa became a large slave market. The word slave is said to derive from Slav. This is an unfortunate return to its roots.


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