Newsweak reporters have already written Kerry's victory story

Cindy Adams:

PUBLIC AFFAIRS is publishing the pa perback original "Election 2004: How Kerry Won and What You Can Expect in the Future." They're calling it "A behind-the-scenes look at the Kerry-Edwards presidential victory." Authors are four of Newsweek's top political reporters. Commissioned over a year ago, it has already been sold abroad. Even audio rights have already been sold. Whether there's a title change on Nov. 3, this I don't know.
If Newsweak reporters have a finaincial interest in a Kerry victory, wouldn't this color peoples opinion on their purported objectivity in covering the race? I know, Newsweak's Evan Thomas has said that the media favors a Kerry win and this is worth 15 percentage points, since reduced to five, but they are not admitting this in their news stories. In the securities business this is what is know as a fraudulant failure to disclose.


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