The Guardian's operation Clark County

Catherine Seipp:

Remember Monty Python's old Upper Class Twit of the Year Contest? Competitions included Insulting the Waiter, Waking the Neighbour, Taking the Bras Off the Debutantes, etc. Now that the U.K. newspaper The Guardian is printing screeds from prominent Britons instructing U.S. citizens how to vote, I suppose we can add another: Patronizing Middle Americans.


These open letters to Ohio voters are part of the newspaper's Operation Clark County project. Because this particular section of western Ohio is especially divided — Al Gore won Clark County by just one percent in 2000 (although Bush took Ohio by four percent) — the Guardian is asking readers to write undecided Clark County registered voters and "express your views on the policies and candidates in this election."


Naturally, the blogosphere has been having fun at the Guardian's expense. "This is possibly the most important thing I've ever done at work," the employee who helped set up the paper's Operation Clark County website gushed online. To which U.S. blogger Jim Treacher responded: "Don't sell yourself short, kid, people need coffee, too."


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