CBS and NY Times planned on running bogus story on Sunday before election

Rush Limbaugh reported that competitive pressured forced the NY Times to push up the timing of their bogus story on explosives. He also suggest that there may have been coordination between the media and the Kerry campagn on this story, as well as the UN.

One piece of the competitive pressure may have been the rumors over the weekend of a story that was going to do great harm to the Kerry campaign. It turned out to be a story by Joel Mowbray about Kerry false assertion of consulting with all of the UN Security Council before the vote on the war in 2002.

Mowbray discovered that only a few members of the Security counsel say they have met with Kerry during the time period.

If Mowbray's story caused the NY Times and CBS to break their story early, it ruined their plans for a last minute hit and gave NB time to correct the record before it could impact the election the way the Times and CBS wanted.


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