Several hunred arrested since Saddam capture

General Richard Meyers said that "more than several hundred" Iraqis, including some leaders of the insurgency have been arrested since Saddam was captured.

"Some of the information gleaned when we picked up Saddam Hussein led to a better understanding of the structure of the resistance and the former regime elements and we have actually picked up more than several hundred at this point," Myers said.

"We think they are some of the leadership of this insurgency, some of the cell leaders," he added.

The opportunity for the US is bigger than just knocking off the Baathist insurgents. A defeat of a raiding enemy using "asymetrical warfare" will mean the Vietnam syndrome has also been defeated as well as the quagmirest who think any such conflicts will automatically become a quagmire. It will show that liberal Dem's views on national security have been based on a defeatist myth for the last 40 years. That explains one reason why many of them have been so eager to lose in Iraq. It explains why our enemies are so eager for them to win.


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