For liberals if a strategy is working it is time to change it

USA Today:

"The White House portrayed Libya's promise to abandon weapons of mass destruction programs as affirmation of President Bush's hard-line strategy on arms proliferation and suggested the U.S.-led war in Iraq helped convince Moammar Gadhafi that he should act.

"Some arms control experts, however, point to what is known about how and when the agreement came about and say that Libya's turnaround offers proof the United States should shift tactics in dealing with North Korea, Syria and other nations. A greater commitment is needed, they say, to the kind of patient but firm diplomacy that worked with Libya.


"Many analysts say the war's aftermath has proved so difficult for the United States that other countries probably view U.S. military force as an unlikely option elsewhere right now."

Or, other countries might think that the ignorant bleating of liberals in the US will be enough to dissuade the US from using its power.


"Critics contend the approach has produced little success.

"North Korea, for instance, is well aware of the Iraq situation and, if anything, has 'stiffened its spine' over the past three years of Bush's presidency, Kimball said."

Actually North Korea has backed off its demand for bilateral negotiations with the US, and is now being pressured not just by the US, but by Japan and China as wells as South Korea. This success also came after the successful invasion of Iraq. These so called experts would have the US go back to the failed policy of the Clinton administration where an agreement is reached that North Korea does not honor. The problems with North Korea are not the result of the Bush administration bullying, but are the result of the Bush administration discovering and North Korea admitting that North Korea was cheating. Since their word is no good, future "agreements" will require deeds that the North Koreans have yet to come to grips with. With China's helping the US it is possible the North Koreans and be squeezed into submission.


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