Brookings doubts

Donald Lambro:

"Many of Howard Dean's top foreign policy advisers are from the Brookings Institution, an ultraliberal think tank that has served and staffed numerous Democratic administrations.

"Some senior scholars there have doubts about Mr. Dean's inexperience in foreign affairs and his positions on national security issues and the war against terrorism.

" 'His lack of commitment on Iraq, given where we now find ourselves, is unacceptable and also politically suicidal next year if he is the Democratic nominee,' says Michael E. O'Hanlon, Brookings' senior fellow in foreign policy.

" 'At different times, Dean has called for reduced funding in Iraq,' Mr. O'Hanlon told me. 'Other times, he said our troops should be brought home and that Arab troops should be sent there. More recently, he said the world is no safer after Saddam's capture. I think all these points are simply indefensible.'


"...When the Post-ABC News poll asked voters who they trusted more to handle the nation's defense and the war on terrorism, President Bush or Mr. Dean, they chose Mr. Bush by 67 percent to Mr. Dean's anemic 21 percent."


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