The cynical use of US deaths for political purposes

Of course the terrorist use the deaths of Americans for political purpose since they are impotent to stop the US on the battlefield. What is equally as cynical is the Democrats use of the deaths of US forces in Iraq as a reason to oppose US policy and thereby President Bush. Recently Maureen Dowd wrote a column reflecting the left's frustration at not being able to exploit the deaths by picturing the return of the bodies.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer got into a spat with a congressman who attempted to return the focus to the facts on the ground in Iraq rather than a morbid focus on casualties. But he morbid focus on casualties is there as a vehicle for opposing the policies that these men died to implement.

After World War II General George S. Patten said, "When we mourn for such men who have died we are wrong because we should thank God that such men were born."


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