Democrats are out of touch on border security

Stacey Lennox:
As a suburban, college-educated woman who has a lot of suburban college-educated friends, I think the Democrats suburban strategy is easily countered if the RNC gets their strategy straight. I sat out the top line in 2016 and will not be repeating that in 2020. There is too much at stake.

Yes, Donald Trump can be boorish. Sure, sometimes I wince when I see his Twitter feed. However, these are not my priority issues. My priority issues are immigration, the economy, and the judiciary. On these grounds, I have very few objections to the progress the Trump administration has made.

According to ABC News, the Democrats seem to think that they have a leg to stand on in the immigration debate. Nothing could be further from the truth if the intractability of the Democrats in dealing with the border is highlighted. Since Trump has taken office, they have done nothing but obstruct any move to improve conditions. Spending to improve conditions related to the overwhelming number of migrants could not even be approved until Mitch McConnell basically but Nancy Pelosi in a headlock with a bipartisan Senate bill.

The only thing that has improved conditions are administrative and foreign policy actions taken by the Trump administration. In a briefing yesterday Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan gave a briefing just yesterday where he said:

Thanks to the leadership of President Trump, we are addressing the humanitarian crisis at the southern border. The President is using every tool in the toolbox, from putting pressure on Mexico to enforce their own security and forging international partnerships to addressing pull factors and legal immigration loopholes, the president’s policies are working.

Meanwhile, Democrat candidates for the nomination are advocating for de facto open borders through decriminalization and offering medical benefits through Medicare for All. Some are even walking people across the border.

Democrats had the ability to sign a bi-partisan measure in January of this year to avoid a shutdown. The elements of the plan polled exceptionally well and were the specific requests of Border Patrol. They said no. The Democrats behavior through this entire debate has been cynical and dishonest which is easy to demonstrate.

There is so much to say here, it’s hard to know where to start. If you were born between 1965 and 1980 and vote for a Democrat, you may need a lobotomy. As it stands now, our generation is more like to head multigenerational homes than our grandmothers were. Yet the genius Democrats want to take more of our earnings to pay for other people college debt, daycare and medical care after while we take care of our own families. I say no thank you.

We are currently in the prime earning years of our lives and the Democrats big push is to get rid of the SALT caps that were in the Republican tax cuts. This only benefits the wealthy in high tax blue states. But they are the party of the working class. Not even close. And even though 64% of taxpayers saw a tax cut last year, Democrats still say the tax cuts were only for the wealthy. Another demonstrable lie.
There is more.

Trump policies have improved the border situation despite the Democrats' efforts to thwart the law.  Dems are always saying no one is above the law and then ignoring the fact that their policy puts illegal immigrants above the law.

The Trump economy has lifted millions out of poverty and dependency and the Democrats would put these people back with their tax policies and hatred of companies which hire people.  Their anti-energy policies would impoverish millions and destroy businesses from agriculture to truck drives to oil field workers.


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