Anonymous CIA activists produces Steele Dossier too full of hearsay

Washington Post:

Whistleblower, working in stealth, almost single-handedly set impeachment in motion

The whistleblower has by some measures managed to exceed what former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III accomplished in two years of investigating President Trump: producing a file so concerning and factually sound that it pushed into motion the gears of impeachment.
While the media is making this guy out to be a hero the factual claims about the content of the conversation the President had with the leader of Ukraine don't match the transcript and the central thesis for impeachment has been denied by Ukraine officials too.   This is just coup attempt 2.0 with a CIA operative pushing this one instead of the behind the FBI coup attempt.  As with the first coup attempt based on the Russian collusion hoax, the mainstream media appears to be co-conspirators in this coup attempt too.

Here we have an anonymous CIA operative dealing in hearsay and the media is all for using that to justify impeachment.  That is too absurd to be believed in fiction much less real life.  Those responsible for this coup attempt should be found and prosecuted for treason.


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