More evidence that Democrats are delusional

NY Times:

Democrats’ 2020 Campaign Message: Not Impeachment, They Insist

The party is bracing for a pitched battle with President Trump that will likely overshadow its policy agenda. But Democrats say they do not want impeachment to dominate the election.
If they really think that it shows a lack of comprehension of what they are doing.  In fact, they are doing it because they can't win on the issues they have been campaigning on.  Their policies would destroy millions of jobs in the energy and transportation industries which would have a cascading effect on the economy as a whole.  On top of that, it would make agriculture impossible beyond what it was in the 18 century.

They are completely delusional if they think their war on the Texas economy is going to turn Texas blue.  Their immigration policies are unpopular with the majority of voters.

They really need impeachment to distract from their candidates.  But it is already energizing the Trump supporters and angering them to the point they will crawl over broken glass to vote against Democrats where ever they are running.


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