With the discovery that Philistines were Greeks, Palestinians are suddenly Canaanites

David Rosenthal:
In 1844, when the Ottoman Empire still controlled the Holy Land, a census was conducted, which revealed that Jews constituted a majority of the population of Jerusalem. Where were the "Palestinians"? Where were the Canaanites?

The census count reported the presence of three groups in the city: Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Canaanites were apparently not present. But suddenly, inexplicably, all Palestinians were spontaneously transformed into Canaanites in 2019, just as quickly as all Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs in Israel were spontaneously transformed into Palestinians in 1967.

It took nothing more than the word of Yasser Arafat to create Palestinians out of thin air in 1967. And it took nothing more than the word of Mahmoud Abbas to turn them all into Canaanites in 2019. Who knew that the expressions of Arab leaders could be so magical?

So now that there are no more Palestinians, since they have all been magically transformed by Mahmoud Abbas's whimsical incantation into Canaanites, what is to be done about Palestinian territories? Is the name to be changed now to Canaanite territories? Or must the Canaanites tolerate living in a territory once ruled by Palestinians, who suddenly ceased to exist?

What will the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) have to say? Will it go along with the sudden adoption of Canaanite identity by the onetime Palestinians? Surely, the OIC nations will continue to support unconditionally their traditional allies in the war to eliminate Jews that Mohammed prophesied would culminate in the last days. Or will they?
The reality is they are Jordanian and Egyptian Arabs who moved into the area in an attempt to thwart the creation of the Jewish homeland.  They could be the remnants of a Muslim colonial effort in the area, but the reality is they are Arabs.  Will they all submit,it to a DNA exam?


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