Trump is fighting Democrats on their turf

Mike Ford:
Candidate Trump started this strategy in 2016. Yes indeed, he paid solid attention to his base. They in turn paid him back by attending rallies and showing up to flip the lever for him in November 2016. But Donald Trump also did something else. He decided that he would fight on territory long ceded to the Democrats. For as long as I can remember and with the acquiescence of the Republican Party, Democrats have considered Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Gays and other discrete demographics, their electoral property.

In 2016, Donald J. Trump began to change all of that. He took the fight to the leftists on their own turf. However, he didn’t go groveling to the NAACP for the quadrennial obeisance Republicans were expected to make. Instead, he went directly to the Black communities, directly to the voters in Black churches and other locales. He spoke to Black pastors and humbly asked for their blessings and their prayers. When he spoke with Black voters he had a simple message: “What have you got to lose?” And it worked…just enough.

Today, the polls show a significant increase in support for President. Buoyed by a rebounding economy, 25% of Blacks now support Trump while Hispanic support is at almost 50%. That is the reason the Democrats continue to throw the race card at every turn. They are scared to death. What they are beginning to realize is that President Trump has them in check on the race issue. First, by boldly stating that two particular Democrat Representatives should go back and fix their countries of origin before badmouthing conditions in the United States, he forced the Democrat Speaker of the House to come to their rescue. This was especially ironic as Madam Speaker had just recently quelled a revolt by those same two rookie Representatives to steer their party off a cliff. So now the Speaker of the House has wrapped her arms around two Representatives who despise the very core voters Democrats want back, Blue Collar workers who took a chance on Trump.

Next, President Trump put liberal civil rights “icon,” Representative Elijah Cummings, heretofore untouchable and beyond criticism, into checkmate by tying him to the squalid, rat infested conditions in his home district. Haven’t heard much from Mr. Cummings lately. While doing all of this the President repeats his 2016 mantra–“Democrats have promised and promised, but not delivered for the Black community.” Again asking…”What have you got to lose?” Based on current polling, more Blacks than in 2016, along with a bunch more Hispanics are responding, “MAGA!” and that has the Democrats worried.

President Trump is not going to make the same mistake the criminal crone from Chappaqua made in 2016. He will not take his base for granted. Even now, he maintains a steady schedule of Trump Rallies to keep them motivated and on board the Trump Train. But The President isn’t satisfied with the status quo. He is going to continue attacking the Democrats where they live. Democrats believe they own the Black vote. They think they own the votes of Hispanics, Jews, Gays and other marginalized groups.

President Trump is saying, “Not so fast.” His comment about American Jews voting Democrat against their own interests, is his “What do you have to lose?” moment with the American Jewish community. He has the Democrats on the defensive. Democrats have some dream of taking back disaffected voters from 2016. Not a chance. The Trump economy is going to keep those voters while Trump himself will add to the pot by going into Democrat strongholds. You see Mr. Marlowe, it’s not just about this news cycle. It’s about the entire campaign.
Democrats have overplayed the race card against Trump and it is only working with some of their true believers, but for millions who have been lifted out of dependency by the Trump economy, it is unlikely to work.  Hispanics are coming to his side in growing numbers despite the Democrats accusations about discrimination against them.  The reality of Trump policies will never match the description of them by Democrats which adds to their credibility gap.

Trump is also playing on the Democrats turf with organized labor.  His policies have resulted in thousands of new jobs for displaced steelworkers and others as manufacturing jobs returned to the US.


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