Democrats will not debate their climate change scam

Monica Showalter:
If you want to win an election, yelling about global warming and blaming air conditioners, cars, plastic straws, and jets -- while jetting in to do it -- is probably not the best way to sell it to voters.

So to the surprise of no one except the far leftists hollering about it, the Democratic Party's leadership has decided to cancel a proposed presidential nomination debate on climate change, enraging the party's extremists:

"This decision is as baffling as it is alarming. Our planet is burning— the least we can do as a party is debate what to do about it," [candidate Beto] O'Rourke said on Twitter following the vote.

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez claimed that, ahem, if they do a one-issue debate with one issue, they'll be condemned to doing one-issue debates with all issues. And besides, he wouldn't dream of "chang[ing] the rules in the middle of the process" he explained. According to a much-disappointedABC News report....

Global warming may excite the Democratic Party's base, but it's an absolute loser of an issue to the broader base of voters, ranking down there at the absolute bottom of voter priorities according to polls, meaning, the audience for this one's likely to be composed of viewers mainly there to see if there are outrageous statements to tweet out. With each crazy claim coming as each Democrat tries to outdo the next one, there's little doubt they'll repel voters. Controlling, choking, and micromanaging the economy will be what comes of it, along with lots of bad quotes for the Republican opposition researchers -- everyone get out of their cars and take the bus. Gas prices through the roof. Nationalized electrical power grid, (like Venezuela has). Texas economy tanked. No straws for you. Virtue-signalling and saving the earth assured, just trust the government -- led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her green new deal, even as everyone loses their jobs. They won't say this, but the next conclusion will be Chicoms in the solar market, one, two, many Solyndras up the wazoo, and Saudi and Russian petrotyrants ascendent as they alone retain control of global energy.
They don't really believe it themselves otherwise Obama would not be buying a mansion on an island in the Atlantic.


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