Israel thwarts Iran killer drone attacks from a base in Syria

Jewish Press:
The IDF announced late Saturday night that Israeli forces thwarted a deadly attack on Israel by Iran, attacking a number of terrorist targets southeast of Damascus in Syria.

“We just prevented a pending, large-scale attack of multiple killer drones on Israel by striking Iranian Quds Force operatives and Shiite Militia targets in Syria,” the IDF wrote in a post on Twitter.
The Iranian Quds operatives and Shiite militias planned to launch a number of armed drones against Israeli targets, IDF Spokesperson Ronen Manelis said in a statement tweeted in Hebrew.

“Qassem Solemani (Iranian Quds Force commander) and the Quds Force led the attempted attack. We view with great severity the activity of the Quds Force and the fact that the Syrian regime allows the Iranians to operate freely from Syria… Israeli Air Force combat planes attacked a number of targets in the village of Aqraba. The purpose of the cell was to launch multiple attack drones on northern Israeli territory.”
The attacks in the Iranian forces continue an Israeli policy that denies immunity to Iranian forces no matter where they are.  There are very few safe havens for Iran to launch attacks from.


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