US enemies align with Democrats in 2020

Peter Skurkiss:
It is often said that politics makes for strange bedfellows. The Democrats are taking that truism to unprecedented levels. Jumping on the Democrat 2020 bandwagon, but careful not to make it too noticeable, are China, Iran, and the globalists.

Media propaganda notwithstanding, the Chinese are getting desperate. President Trump is choking off their oxygen supply, which is trade. The best relief China can get is by the election of pliable U.S. president who, after some kabuki theatrics, will revert to business as usual with them. China's dream president would be Joe Biden. One can only imagine the reams of dirt they have on Slow Joe from their dealings with him during his vice presidency days and their shady business arrangements with his wayward son, Hunter.

The other Democratic presidential candidates are not all that bad from China's perspective, either. None has made an issue of either how compromised Biden is regarding China or what Chinese economic aggression has done to the American economy. This is a clear sign that they are soft on China — certainly softer that Donald Trump.

As for Iran, the Trump administration has put the mullahs in a world of hurt. Iran wants nothing more than to have the sanctions removed and get back to the halcyon days of Obama administration, when its nuclear ambitions were coddled and its terrorist activity was, if not overlooked, then at least downplayed. To the Iranians, Trump is a bone stuck in the throat. The election of any of the Democratic candidates would be a godsend to them. They would especially like Biden in the Oval Office, since he too pines for the abandoned nuclear deal. Like the Chinese, expect the Iranians to work covertly to see that President Trump is defeated.

Then there are the globalists. They would like to smother U.S. sovereignty with international organizations and multilateral treaties and would render the U.S. Constitution a mere historical artifact. Those internationalists have played a major role in damaging the U.S. industrial base to a degree that Hitler, Tojo, Mao, Stalin, and the rest could only dream of. Their fingerprints are all over the labor arbitrage that exported U.S. jobs and factories to third-world countries while simultaneously importing massive numbers of immigrants. This diabolical process weakens both the American working class and the cultural core of the country.
There is more.

It is clear that US enemies miss Obama and would like to have another pliable Democrat in office.   China is even targeting Trump's base with retaliatory tariffs.


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