Census citizenship question becomes issue in Missouri Senate race

Washington Times:
It may not be top on the minds of many voters, but Republican Senate candidate Josh Hawley says Sen. Claire McCaskill’s opposition to having the 2020 census ask people about their citizenship status is exactly the reason voters should oust her.

For Mr. Hawley, it’s a common-sense question and the answer could enhance Missouri’s political muscle in Washington.

He said Ms. McCaskill’s antipathy to the census question shows that she sides with Democratic Party leaders over the interests of her state.

That is the crux of Mr. Hawley’s message strategy in the final stretch of an incredibly close race that could determine party control of the Senate, he said in an interview with The Washington Times.

“Sen. McCaskill would love to give more representation to California. That’s what will happen,” Mr. Hawley, the state attorney general, said of the decennial count that determines the number of representative each state sends to Congress.

“Places like California and New York that have greater numbers of illegal immigrants, they are going to end up with more representation, and we’ll lose seats. She is fine with that, though,” he said. “That just strikes people in Missouri as craziness. They just don’t understand it. I don’t understand it.”
Hawley has nailed the reason why Democrats want to count non-citizens in the census.  It is part of their attempt to get control of the House of Representatives with people who are not elgibile to vote.  This looks like a smart political issue for Hawley.


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