The left continues its misdirection play by blaming Trump for the acts of a Trump hater who killed Jews

Dov Fischer:
Here we go again: “It’s all Trump’s fault.”

Do you remember the Democrats and the CNN crowd rushing to blame Saudi Arabia for the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers? Or to blame Islam? I don’t. There were 19 murderers on 9-11, and 15 of them came from Saudi Arabia. The others also were Muslims. And all we hear — from Obama and George W. Bush on down — is that Islam is a “religion of peace,” so don’t blame Islam. Obama tells us that ISIS “is not Islamic.” Instead, we were told after 9-11, the “Saudis are our friends.” They, their Wahhabi Islam, the hundreds of anti-Christian madrassas they have built throughout the United States, the $10 billion they have poured into Western colleges and universities, the hundreds of millions they have thrown at American universities to buy off entire Middle East Studies departments and to teach anti-Americanism, anti-Christianity, and anti-Judaism to young people on our soil. And yet we repeatedly get fed the mantra about “our friends the Saudis.”

Our friends, that is, until they recently clipped off and butchered a Washington Post journalist. Now that they hurt someone from within the Left media, suddenly — only now — the tune changes. Suddenly, the same Saudi Prince whom the always-wrong Thomas Friedman of the New York Times ogled as a great new leader, is crowned the “Bad Guy.” And even then, Trump is to blame.

Do you remember the Democrats and the Seedier Media blaming Castro and Communism for Lee Harvey Oswald when he murdered President John Kennedy? I don’t. I remember the flag-draped coffin, the memorial procession in Washington, Jackie draped in black, John-John saluting, the eternal flame at Arlington. But I don’t remember anyone blaming Communism for the assassination of JFK.
I don’t remember Democrats blaming left-wing politics for two crazy leftist women in San Francisco, each trying to assassinate President Gerald R. Ford. There was Nut Job 1, Sarah Jane Moore, a fan of the Symbionese Liberation Army, the sickos who kidnapped Patty Hearst. She had been divorced five times before entering revolutionary politics. And there was Nut Job 2, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, a disciple of Charles Manson. Do you remember the Left blaming their side of the political spectrum for those two mental cases? Because I don’t.

I don’t remember Democrats blaming Bernie Sanders for the dirtbag animal — and outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter — who shot Rep. Steve Scalise and others when Republicans innocently were warming up for a baseball game. Do you? Because I don’t.
And now, a dirtbag with a demented mind that actually led him to post on Facebook his hate of President Trump — he hates Trump because the sicko regards Trump as a “globalist” — shoots at Jews in a Pittsburgh temple, and the Left media, the Democrats, and their hand-picked anti-Trump Jewish stooges get trotted out to blame President Trump.

So I respond: Don’t you dare insult me as a rabbi by blaming your perceived political enemies for some dirtbag Jew-hater. This President could not be a better friend of Jewish concerns and causes. He supports Israel and moved America’s Israel embassy to Jerusalem. His daughter and son-in-law are Orthodox Jews, and he treats them lovingly and respectfully, as he does their Orthodox Jewish children, his grandchildren. He ended Obama’s vicious anti-Israel animus, and he has supported Israel strongly in the United Nations. No wonder that Jews throughout the world love him, support him. In Israel, among Israeli Jews, he is wildly popular with a 67% approval rating. They hated Obama — and for great reason. In England, the Jews have gone conservative, while the British Labour Party has chosen an outright anti-Semite, Jeremy Corbyn, as their leader. Jews from the former Soviet Union are the most conservative of people. As are Orthodox Jews in America. Jews throughout the world — except for those in America influenced by Hollywood and the Left Media — have become increasingly and intensively conservative. And we enthusiastically support President Trump. President Trump has condemned anti-Semitism as forthrightly as has any President in American history. When the people were murdered at the Pittsburgh temple, he ordered all American flags to be flown at half-staff for three days. Compare that to Obama who responded to Arab terrorists murdering Jews in a kosher-food store in France by saying blithely that they randomly had been killed at some random delicatessen.
There is more.

The left in this country has a history of blaming their political enemies for the actions of others and they are repeating this fraud with their attacks on Trump.  Fischer is right to be disgusted with this fraudulent claim by the left.  The Washington Post has been one of the worst with this trope.  When it comes to President Trump it is as bad as a left wing blog.


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