The media's expansive view of a Democrat 'centrist'

Thomas Lifson:
On what planet does a woman who attacked mothers who stay at home to care for their children count as a centrist? How about someone who invited a coven of witches to celebrate International Women's Day? (Remember when Christine O'Donnell was laughed out of a Senate race for admitting she "dabbled" in witchcraft?) Ed Driscoll of Instapundit put together a list (read the whole thing) of the wackiness spouted by the Democrats' nominee for the Senate in Arizona, including these:

Arizona Dem senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema in 2002: It'd be 'inappropriate' to condemn destruction of property by anarchists

Sinema "associated with a prominent 9/11 truther and told a radio host that she didn't care if he joined the Taliban"

And Sinema depicted U.S. soldiers as scary, evil skeletons at the very time her opponent, Martha McSally, was flying combat missions....

Yet Sahil Kapur of Bloomberg calls her a "centrist"....
Sinema seems like a pretty commited leftist on most issues.  She opposed the war against those who attacked us on 9-11 and she opposes stay at home moms.  One has to be pretty far to the left to consider those "centrist" positions.


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