Papadopoulos was entrapped

Rush Limbaugh:
Now, the important thing to remember here is that Papadopoulos was a peripheral member of the Trump campaign. He didn’t know anything officially. He wasn’t close enough to anybody to know anything. He’s 24, 25 years old, whatever, but he never had day-to-day contact with Trump. He didn’t have day-to-day contact with the Trump campaign foreign policy team, none of that. He was targeted because he was a young, eager beaver. He was targeted and he was set up and he was entrapped.

The informant and Mifsud implant the news with Papadopoulos that the Russians have thousands of Hillary emails. He’s hearing this essentially from people working — unbeknownst to him — with the FBI and the DOJ. So he gets drunk one night in a bar with the Australian ambassador, which was also set up and passes that information along as though it’s his own and he knows it as a Trump campaign person. That triggered. That provided an opportunity for the FBI/DOJ to say the Trump campaign knew that the Russians had 3,000 or thousands of Hillary Clinton emails.

It is no different than Comey going to the Oval Office to tell Trump about the salacious elements of the Steele dossier, which then enabled the media to report about the Steele dossier. The Steele dossier had nothing in it that was factual — still hasn’t been confirmed — and because of that they had to drop it. They had to drop the FISA warrant on Page that wasn’t going anywhere. They needed another so-called reason to conduct this investigation. Papadopoulos was the mark.

So just as James Comey tells the president… Well, James Comey was instructed by Clapper to tell the president about the dossier. Comey has admitted in interviews that was his assignment. He didn’t tell Trump who paid for the dossier. His assignment was to tell Trump it existed. After he did that, Comey tells Clapper, “Mission accomplished.” Clapper calls CNN; CNN reports the Steele dossier and that Trump knows about it. That’s how that story begins.

They get a Pulitzer Prize for this or some kind of award from the White House Correspondents’ Association. This thing with Papadopoulos is no different than that. And there might be two other people that have been set up as Papadopoulos was. Page’s involvement here might be the result of a setup or sting as well. Now, that’s the CliffsNotes version of this. The detailed version is more harrowing, and it will tick you off, folks.

And what you conclude — what we all conclude when this is over — is that there is nothing real in this investigation, that every aspect of this investigation… You might look at this Papadopoulos story as the “insurance policy” that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were texting each other about back and forth. Remember when she was saying that they’d better keep out the possibility Trump could win? Strzok said, “No, there’s no way.” She was saying, “I don’t know,” and Strzok said, “Well, then we need an insurance policy.”

This, the Papadopoulos thing may well be the insurance policy. But the thing to know here is that George Papadopoulos did not think that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton emails until he was told by the informant — the FBI informant — who was ratting on, implanted in the Trump campaign. He was actually told about it by a friend of the informant’s, this Mifsud fellow, M-I-F-S-U-D, who has ties to Russian intelligence. He may, in fact, be a Russian agent, but he does double duty. He may be the first person to actually tell Papadopoulos about it.
There is much more.

Is this why the DOJ is so intent on keeping the spy they planted in the Trump campaign name secret?  Is Mueller aware of the setup?   It looks like both Flynn and Papadopoulos were victims of a rogue operation by the intelligence community and the FBI.  If that is the case then why didn't Mueller figure it out?  Was he aware he was indicting innocent men as part of a plot to overthrow the President?


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