Missouri's Democrat senator has a Hollywood dilemma

Washington Examiner:
Missouri Senate candidate Josh Hawley, the state’s Republican attorney general, is making Hollywood a major theme of his campaign against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill. And it just might be working.

Hawley’s campaign has pounced eagerly on McCaskill’s scheduled fundraiser with Hollywood heavyweights (and Barack Obama) this weekend, using it to cast her as an out-of-touch elitist. (Don’t forget: Hawley mentioned Hollywood five times in his campaign launch announcement alone.)

“Calling in billionaire movie directors and liberal icons like former President Barack Obama, Senator McCaskill has made it clear she's focused on the cash, not the constituents,” campaign press secretary Kelli Ford said in an email on Friday.

Conservative super PAC Missouri Rising Action launched an ad on Friday describing McCaskill as “Hollywood’s Senator,” accusing her of “hobknobbing with Obama and the Hollywood elite at a swanky Beverly Hills fundraiser.”

She is in a tight race and polling at about 38 percent.  She may need the money for her campaign but it looks like it may cost her more than she thought.  She got lucky six years ago with the help of some dirty tricks by Harry Reid to get a troubled opponent.


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