Media polling showing Trump approval cast as 'outliers' despite three polls showing similar results

Rush Limbaugh:
Drive-Bys Doubt Their Own Trump Polls
Yesterday we had a Reuters/Ipsos poll that showed great, great news for Trump. It was incredible. It was 50% of independents like the guy. No, 20% of Democrats think Trump’s doing okay, 50% of swing vote independents, 80% Republicans. It was a great poll, and Reuters decides it’s not true. They’re calling it an outlier and they’re setting it aside. There are two more of these polls today, and one of them is from CBS. The other is from CNN, and both news organizations are expressing shock and surprise that Trump is doing so well.

So we now have three polls — Reuters, CBS, CNN — and all three are suggesting, “That’s not quite what we think is the case out there.” So they’re reporting polls with caveats that it may be an outlier, meaning you have your averages and everything falls within the averages and then one poll’s way, way, way out of the averages. “No, no, no. That can’t be true.” So they’re setting it aside, and they’re waiting for further data analysis.

And if you couple these three polls with some of the general news information that we are getting and that we know, it is inescapable to conclude that things are looking up in terms of the American people, the perception of the country. Maybe anxiety levels are a little high according to a poll on that, but that’s dubious, ’cause I think Americans are constantly anxious. Most human beings are constantly anxious. To take a snapshot of it and say it’s tied to Trump is a bit nebulous.

But regardless, against all this talk of a blue wave and the Democrats sweeping the House and impeaching Trump, you got more Democrats coming out today saying, “Stop talking about impeachment.” Donna Brazile is the latest. We have additional support for Kanye West coming from the African-Americans community....
I suspect they are reluctant to admit that all their efforts to drive down the President's popularity have been a failure.  Since they still do not like him, it is hard for them to imagine that others do.  It is not hard to understand why the President's popularity is moving up.  The economy is doing well and there are roughly as many jobs available as there are unemployed people looking for work.  Trump's policies in Korea appear to be leading to a genuine peace.  He is keeping his promises on Israel and Iran to the consternation of the left.


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