LNG export facility at Port of Corpus Christi adds a third unit

Fuel Fix:
Houston's Cheniere Energy has decided to build a third unit to process liquefied natural gas at its export facility under construction in Corpus Christi.

Limited construction began last year, and Cheniere will give its builder, Bechtel, notice to proceed with the project. It's the first commitment to build new U.S. liquefaction capacity since 2015, Cheniere said.

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The Corpus Christi facility will support as many as five processing units. Construction on the first two began in 2015.

Earlier this year, Cheniere struck two long-term deals to sell LNG to PetroChina International Co., a subsidiary of China's state-controlled oil and gas giant. Those sale contracts, which extend through 2043, supported Cheniere's decision to construct the third processing unit in Corpus Christi.
The expansion reflects a robust market for LNG shipments.  It is also telling that Democrats for years opposed LNG exports.  I think that is because they grossly underestimated the supply of natural gas created by teh shale revolution.


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