UK's rationed healthcare system with antiquated software a victim of cyber shakedown

NY Times:

U.K. Health Service, Hit by Hack, Ignored Advice for Months

The National Health Service was repeatedly warned about its out-of-date and vulnerable systems before it suffered a devastating cyberattack on Friday.
Some reports indicate that the computer system operated on Windows XP a system that is so old that it is not being updated by Microsoft.  This is what happens when governments try to run a single payer system that stifles competition and innovation.

If the rest of the world adopted single payer it would probably greatly reduce the innovations in healthcare treatment and medications.  Advocates of single payer systems do not understand the high cost to patients and progress caused by the free riding that is inherent in such systems.

Now because their system is inadequately funded because they give away their services the are victims of an elaborate extortion scheme.


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