The utter idiocy of the left's cultural appropriation narrative

Michael Barone:
Cultural appropriation: A modest proposal
Did it ever occur to those pushing this narrative that college education is a part of the culture of western civilization and by allowing those they are trying to protect from "cultural appropriation" into college they are engaging in cultural appropriation?

I try hard to refrain from calling people idiots, but it is hard to come up with a more descriptive term for this nonsense.  I have never entered a Mexican restaurant, or a Chinese restaurant or any other ethnic restaurant where someone told me to get out because I was engaging in cultural appropriation.

 The reason is that people who operate restaurants want people from all backgrounds to enjoy what they prepare.  Nor have I seen people who sell western wear tell customers from another background they are not welcome there.  These people are not idiots, but those in colleges who push this nonsense have no defense for their conduct.


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