Texas Democrats seek credibility by focusing on local races

Empower Texans:
Texas Democrats have set their sights on one of Houston’s conservative strongholds to recruit and organize local candidates through their Local Investment in the Future of Texas program. Candidates that have been endorsed by them, and even those just aligned with their interests, having taken to intimidation tactics at the polls to discourage their opposition.

As its name implies, Project LIFT is specifically aimed at winning local races. Its stated goal is to “work with local party leaders and progressive partners to recruit, train, and support candidates – with a special focus on winning local, non-partisan races.”

So far much of their efforts are centered on North Houston. In Kingwood, LIFT has started investing heavily in efforts to take over the school board of Humble ISD, which spans over 90 square miles, covering much of Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood, Fall Creek, and Eagle Springs.

Though the races are non-partisan, LIFT’s candidates are anything but.

In Humble, LIFT has endorsed former Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast fundraiser and employee Abby Whitmire. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast attracted nationwide infamy when whistleblowers exposed employees callously haggling the sale of fetal body parts that they had harvested illegally. Whitmire said she managed ten key projects with the group in support of their legislative, policy, donor, and volunteer goals.
Another candidate running for Humble ISD, but not endorsed by Project LIFT, is Bob Rehak. Although he considers himself a Republican, he’s deploying Chicago-style intimidation tactics to try to stop others from informing voters about Whitmire’s professional history with the embattled Planned Parenthood megacenter.

Rehak penned a desperate blog post on his campaign site titled, “Parents Want Information, Not Lies and Intimidation.” In it, he calls pro-life activists “extremists with fliers and cameras,” while speaking of Kingwood TEA Party’s attempt to alert voters, via their voter guide, of Whitmire’s Planned Parenthood past.
Democrats have been pretty well wiped out at the local level in Texas which hurts their ability to find recruits for higher profile races on the state and national level.  It appears they are embracing the politics of fraud to hide the aspects of their positions that do not appeal to Texas voters.


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