Democrats are using phony Russian charges to attempt a constitutional coup against Trump

When Democrats lost the 2016 election because their policies were rejected, they decided that they would blame the loss on the Russians and attempt a constitutional coup by charging the Trump campaign with collusion.  It is an evidence-free charge.  US intelligence says there is no evidence of collusion between the Russians and Trump's campaign.

As one of the steps in this coup attempt, the Democrats are now insisting on a "special prosecutor" to Trump up some charges against Trump.  Ironically, they are using a firing of FBI Director James Comey as an excuse for this even though they have been asking for the firing for months.

I think Trump needs to bring in some legal talent to fight this coup attempt and rebut the Democrat's bogus charges.  He needs to put Democrats on the defensive.  The Democrats bogus reaction to losing is a gift to Putin who wants to disrupt the US and distract its leadership.

As Roger L. Simon notes:
Never mind that Andrew C. McCarthy -- who, as prosecutor of the blind sheikh, ought to know -- has explained that there is no such thing as special counsel or prosecutor in this instance independent of the executive branch. And never mind that Senator Warner himself made at least $6.75 million investing in a Russian search engine. That isn't enough to make him an oligarch, although he is the fourth richest man in Congress, so he's close.
Simon goes on to point out several Democrat scandals that are more deserving of a special counsel.


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