How the Democrat response to Republicans candidates led to Trump

Daily Beast:
How Paul Krugman Made Donald Trump Possible

Liberal pundits write viciously about Trump. But they wrote viciously about Romney, McCain, Bush... and they wonder why people outside their circle stopped listening.

Mitt Romney was, of course, far from the first Republican presidential candidate to get this treatment. George W. Bush, John McCain, and any Republican who has the audacity to challenge a Democrat for the presidency are treated to ever more alarmist rhetoric. Every gaffe, every uncorroborated story is blown up by a media seemingly unaware of its extreme bias.

Lest you imagine all presidential candidates get this kind of media treatment, well, not quite. Barack Obama wasn’t stupid when he said there were 57 states. He wasn’t racist when he listened to Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s sermons for 20 years. He wasn’t insane when he said he would lower the oceans. He wasn’t unfit when he said he would end the Iraq war on the very day he took office. He continually got the benefit of the doubt that Republicans never get from the press.
This is more than just bias.  It is a deliberate distortion of reality aimed at destroying a real debate on the issues.  It follows a pattern.

The GOP candidate is always made out to be an extremely scary figure.  The idea is to ignore the issues and make that candidate talk about why he is not scary.   Democrats are never characterized as scary, even when they are.


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