Fire bombing in Syria

NY Times:

Syrian Government and Russia Are Accused of Using Napalm-Like Bombs

The Syrian government and Russia are accused of using the bombs, which can cause horrific burns, in or near cities. Russia is part of a treaty banning them in civilians areas.
They are not the only ones using this type of weapon.  ISIL used a fuel air explosive IED to kills hundreds of people in one bombing in Karrada, Iraq.
Consider — there was no visible crater at the seat of the explosion. The explosion did not cause serious structural damage to the nearest buildings. Many witnesses report sensing extreme heat after the blast. And several experts estimate that the initial blast killed 20 to 30 people, whereas the remaining 300 were killed by secondary fires.
As this war drags on with no conclusion the descent into ever more horrific weapons will continue.  It is one of the things that happens in a war of attrition.  The sides keep looking for more means to cause attrition to the other side.

Many in this conflict seem committed to proving that "war is hell."


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