ISIL using fuel air explosives for IED's?

War Is Boring:
On July 3, 2016, Islamic State carried out its deadliest attack ever when it employed a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device — a VBIED — against crowds of people along a busy street in Karrada, Iraq.

The attack claimed the lives of 324 innocent civilians, many of them children. More than 200 additional civilians were injured in the attack.

On July 28, the BBC released an article summarizing some key characteristics of the Karrada explosion, which set it apart from other IED attacks carried out by ISIS thus far. It seems the militants deployed a new kind of bomb.

Consider — there was no visible crater at the seat of the explosion. The explosion did not cause serious structural damage to the nearest buildings. Many witnesses report sensing extreme heat after the blast. And several experts estimate that the initial blast killed 20 to 30 people, whereas the remaining 300 were killed by secondary fires.

These characteristics are unique, because they appear to indicate that ISIS did not rely exclusively on conventional explosives for the main charge in the Karrada VBIED.
Fuel air explosion, or FAE, weapons were designed to overcome the shortcomings of conventional explosives and are characterized by their superb incendiary effects, as well as the absence of large blast craters. They usually consist of fuel-rich gels or slurries and a “burster” that, upon detonation, disperses the fuel component as an aerosol cloud and then either ignites or detonates it.

The continual combustion of the outer layer of fuel molecules as they come into contact with the air will generate additional heat that maintains the temperature of the interior of the fireball and thus sustains the detonation. In other words, FAE weapons create a large and relatively long-lasting fireball.
 There is much more.

ISIL continues to develop weapons of mass murder to be used against noncombatants.  It is a further demonstration of its lack of inhibitions when it comes to killing people.


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