Judge unimpressed with State Department email search

Washington Free Beacon:
A federal judge blasted the State Department during a court hearing Wednesday about the government agency’s lack of response to Freedom of Information Act requests having to do with documents from Hillary Clinton and her staff.

Politico reported that U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon balked at State’s inability to produce about 60 emails demanded in one particular FOIA request, saying, “Now, any person should be able to review that in one day–one day. Even the least ambitious bureaucrat could do this.”

The judge, like Clinton critics, suggested that the government agency is protecting its former secretary of state by failing to produce documents related to her staff.

Wednesday’s court hearing was part of an Associated Press lawsuit against State in which the news organization accuses the government agency of failing to respond to FOIA requests for thousands of documents related to longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s employment status in addition to Hillary’s schedules, appointments, and call history while at the State Department.
The management at the State Department looks inept starting at the top.  It got no better when Clinton was replaced by Kerry.  It also looks like an attempt to slow role production in hopes that the media will back off.  The judge is right to be upset.


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