Obama's politics of fraud helping him on Bain attacks

NY Times:

Bain Attacks Make Inroads for President

Romney has an effective rebuttal to these attacks but he has not launched in ads to counter the fraudulent statements of Obama that have been blanketing the airways.  At some point Romney is going to have to engage beyond just presenting the facts to the media who promptly ignore it in many cases.

Romney can also mount an effective counterattack against Obama for his own outsourcing programs from electric cars to the real biggy oil and gas energy jobs.  Democrats including Obama have been outsourcing our energy jobs to mad men around the world for decades while they strangle domestic production of energy.  In fact, Obama has helped to finance offshore drilling for Brazil while he has been imposing a moratorium on most offshore tracts near the US.

He and Democrats continue to block drilling in ANWR in one of the most ridiculous displays of obstinacy without reason.  We would have been pumping oil from ANWR now, if Democrats had not blocked the drilling 10 years ago with their claims it would take 10 years to produce.  Meanwhile we are sending money to madmen like Hugo Chavez to subsidize his low grade war against us while Obama is reducing production on federal controlled sites.  This is an issue where Obama and the Democrats are vulnerable and it is ripe to be used as a rejoinder to Obama's fraudulent campaign against Bain.


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