Obama stalks Rove group donors

Caucus Blog, NY Times:
The lawyer for President Obama demanded on Tuesday that Crossroads GPSdisclose its donors, saying in a complaint to the Federal Election Commission that the group is plainly a “political committee” subject to federal reporting requirements.
In the complaint, obtained by The New York Times, Robert F. Bauer, the campaign’s chief counsel, writes that the group — founded by Karl Rove, among others — can no longer shield the identity of its donors by defining itself as a “social welfare” organization.
With the Obama campaign and Democrats stalking of donors when their names are provided it raises serious questions about the purpose of this suit.  Do they want to look at more divorce files?  Do they want to threaten the businesses of the donors?  Until Congress passes anti stalking legislation, I think these groups will continue to resist attempts to get the names of their donors.


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