Obama's false choice presidency

Caucus Blog, NY Times:


White House officials say that such accusations have not gotten under the president’s skin. But in the more than hour-long news conference, Mr. Obama made clear that he views the upcoming high-stakes negotiations over the nation’s debt as a test for the Republicans of the very leadership skills they say he lacks.

Mr. Obama did not lay down a “red line” beyond which he would refuse to negotiate. But he repeatedly dared Congressional Republicans to side with oil companies, hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners against the interests of the elderly, schoolchildren and the middle class. His tone throughout was defiant.

It is hard to influence people and persuade them when you are demonizing them and their position. While the Republicans have been criticizing Obama for showing a lack of leadership, it is hard to call this type of false choice leadership. It sounds like typical Democrat demagoguery in support of the same old tax and spend policies of the past.  It is the same approach that led to the 2010 Congressional debacle for the Democrats.  He should be smart enough to know that the Republicans are not going to repudiate their mandate on spending restraint and no new taxes.  Evidently not.


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