Tilt rotor 'Ghost' UAV can hover over target

Strategy Page:

An Israeli UAV manufacturer (of the Heron series) has developed a four kilogram (8.8 pound) tilt-rotor UAV. The engines swivel for takeoff and landing, as well as for hovering. Called the Ghost, the UAV can operate for about an hour per sortie, go up to four kilometers from its operator and move as fast as 60 kilometers an hour, or just hover. The battery powered UAV is virtually silent, and carries day and night vidcams (which can be seen on the operators console).

The Ghost is the second UAV to use this new tilt-rotor technology. Late last year, a larger version, Panther, was announced. This one has two electric props. IAI plans to offer a range of models, with wingspans of from two meters (6.2 feet) to 8 meters (25 feet). The initial working prototype had six meter (18.6 foot) wings and fuel cells that give it an endurance of six hours. This model has an eight kilogram (17.6 pound) payload that can carry day/night vidcams and a laser designator.

There is no noise from the electric motor although there maybe some prop noise. The Israelis have been a leader in the UAV development business and this one looks like another winner for them. I think it could be very effective in night operations.


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