Alaska asks can we drill now?

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Alaska's governor attacks President Obama's hostility to oil states and warns that ever-higher oil prices will doom economic recovery. The polar bears are doing fine. The American economy is not.

He didn't say "drill, baby, drill" in so many words, but the point made by Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, Sarah Palin's successor, in a speech at the National Press Club was the same.

"This is the moment our government must re-examine its 'no new wells' policy when it comes to oil exploration and development here at home," Parnell said in a speech in which he declared the Obama administration "openly hostile" to oil-producing states.

As we have noted, the administration's mindless pursuit of green energy at all costs is coupled with an unwillingness to put downward pressure on oil prices by increasing domestic supply, leaving the U.S. perilously dependent on Iran, Libya, Venezuela and the rest.

I to find the administration's energy policy mindless. There is no good reason to prohibit new wells anywhere in Alaska's wilderness areas or offshore areas. The reasons given are just specious. They make no sense to someone with their feet in the real world and not on some island of green energy that is not going to happen any sooner if we are not allowed to produce domestic oil and gas.
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