The Soros war against Fox News

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Ron Arnold:

Media Matters and Tides Foundation have a tough new recruit in their war against Fox News: People for the American Way. How tough? Behind PFAW's "ain't-we-wonderful" public face looms a crushing political force.

PFAW is a lobbying organization with its own foundation, two 527 electioneering groups, a political action committee, and total revenues probably north of $20 million. PFAW is a 501(c)(4) and doesn't reveal its income, but its foundation alone listed $13.4 million in the most recent report.

That's nothing to trifle with when it comes to flooding advertisers with angry "Drop Fox News" messages. But it was to be expected: Tides CEO Drummond Pike, who signed the anti-Fox campaign letter, helped television mogul Norman Lear create PFAW in 1980.

Since 1999, Tides has given PFAW over $1.5 million, so it's hard to say no to Drummond.

And, even though George Soros didn't give PFAW a special million-dollar Destroy Fox News gift like it did Media Matters, his Open Society Foundations have sent over $3.3 million their way since 1999.

Soros, of course, is good at making big headlines, but he's a lot better at making big money (Forbes estimates $14.4 billion net worth), which is how he supports his big global system (more than 60 operations) of big impact foundations (about $600 million per year).

He is wasting his money in this fight. The liberals can send out all the letters they want, but conservatives who watch Fox News are a bigger market than the liberals who oppose it. He is trying to do what has failed in the past. While some advertisers may cringe when they get his letters, most see the results o their sales effort on Fox.

Media Matters has become an organization with less influence in recent years as it and its agenda have been exposed.
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