Dems try to dodge reponsibility for the tone of campaign

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Nolan Finley:

Yet another sin has been assigned to the tea party by the left and its media mouthpieces, who now blame the movement for the despicable advertising that has polluted this year's campaigning.

They explain that politicians who fill the airwaves with vile attacks are merely tapping into the anger and frustration first expressed by tea partiers.

It's another piece of the bizarre blame the victim strategy Democrats are pursuing this year as they frantically seek to avoid accountability for the mess they've made.

This one doesn't wash. I've spoken at numerous tea party meetings, and nothing has matched the rabid frothing of, say, Joy Behar of The View, who said of Sharron Angle, the tea party candidate challenging Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in Nevada, "I hope this bitch goes to hell."

I've never heard such trashy talk at tea party meetings, nor any rudeness or racism. As much as the left tries to marginalize them, I've found tea partiers to be reasonable and mainstream in their views, which, polls say, 45 percent of Michigan residents share.

The tea party didn't take this election cycle into the cesspool. That's the fault of politicians so desperate that they're willing to say or do anything to keep their jobs, even sacrifice their decency, integrity and honor.

Blaming the people for the failures of politicians is the Democrats' only answer for why the people have deserted them. President Barack Obama has been on the stump trying to convince voters that they oppose his agenda because they've been misled by Republicans. New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who encouraged much of the administration's reckless economic policy, added that Americans must have very short memories and very dim wits if they're willing to trade Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for GOP leadership.

There is more.

Democrats rarely accept responsibility for negative consequences that flow from their policies, so it should be no surprise they do not accept responsibility for the mean mouth attitude expressed by their followers including President Obama who is willing to cal his political opponents the enemy, but is not willing to call the people trying to kill us the enemy.
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