Kevin O'Brian:

The Democrats in Congress and the White House have forced upon the United States of America a federal health care plan designed for people who are too stupid, incompetent and weak to manage their own affairs.

Such people certainly do exist among us, but to gear the nation's health care system to them is a terrible idea. Unless, of course, one happens to be part of our new ruling class.

It's so much more fun to be on the telling end of, "Do this; don't do that," than on the being-told end.

Politics and power -- not anything related to improving health care -- is what this whole, long wrangle has been about from the beginning: Putting the governed in the position of needing the consent of the government to live their lives, and ensuring that promoters of the power of the state do the governing in perpetuity.


Oh, yes, Obamacare will get a few more people covered. But what "coverage" will mean is merely a place in line to await treatment. That line will grow longer and longer as expenses increase, as care is rationed, as the medical profession shrinks, as the incentives to innovate dry up and blow away, and as a bureaucracy dedicated chiefly to its own growth and preservation shifts the purpose of medicine away from healing and toward the making and enforcement of rules.

In short, we will buy -- at tremendous expense, using money we don't have -- a system far inferior to the one we have now.


There is much more.

The repeal and replace campaign is already underway. Holding Democrats accountable for thwarting the will of the people will happen in elections in 2010 and beyond. Don't miss an opportunity to vote against Democrats. You will be pleased with how good it feels.


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