Obama and the Tea Party Movement

Jim Geraghty:


A guy who has dramatically expanded the federal government’s role in banks, student loans, auto making, health care, real estate, insurance, and energy industries is lamenting that people are calling him a socialist. What more does he have to do before the label becomes less than outlandish, establish SMERSH? Note the not-too-subtle sleight of hand in the way Obama lumps together Birthers with the general opposition to him. I haven’t been to a tea party since last fall, but has anybody seen any signs or chants focusing on the Kenyan Secret Agent theory? Isn’t the general outrage focused a bit more on the here and now and how we’re getting the rawest deal since Arnold Schwarzenegger took on the mob? (Pardon me, I meant the raw f’ing deal, as Vice President Coprolalia would put it.) President Obama, we’ve moved on from your Kenyan birth. It’s time you did the same.
That is an impressive list of take overs. But in many ways, what Obama is doing is worse than socialism. It is more of a fascist progressiveism where the government does not own the means of production but controls it as if it did by limiting what business it can do and what profits it can make. It is in position to drive these companies out of business so it can gain control of the whole business. This is particularly true of health care insurance.

While there may be some birthers at Tea Party meetings, the motivating issue is government spending and control of certain aspects of our lives.


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