Democrats resort to violence in Nevada

Fox News:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's hometown of Searchlight, Nev., served as kickoff site Saturday for the latest Tea Party Express tour -- and apparently Reid's supporters weren't too happy about it.

The conservative Tea Party activists were there to protest the policies of Reid and other Democratic leaders, and Reid supporters staged their own protest, with some allegedly throwing eggs at a Tea Party Express bus.

Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart said he witnessed the egg-throwing while speaking with some of the Reid supporters, though a video of the scene is inconclusive.

Breitbart's story was backed up by Levi Russell, a Tea Party Express spokesman.


Democrats have been attacking Republicans with violence since the 2008 election so this is not surprising. Most of the media tends to ignore Democrat violence while suggesting that the Tea Party Movement is made up of angry violence prone people. The movement is made up of passionate people, but they want to do their thing at the ballot box.


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