Texas Hispanics upset with Demcorats

Houston Chronicle:

As many Republicans second-guess their efforts in the presidential election, two prominent Hispanic Democratic officials are harshly criticizing an arm of their national party over the results of the U.S. Senate race in Texas.

Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn defeated Democratic state legislator Rick Noriega, of Houston, in November after maintaining a hefty edge in campaign funding for months.

Now, state Sens. Mario Gallegos, of Houston, and Leticia Van de Putte, of San Antonio, say the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee collected contributions from Texans and teased them by implying it would put financial muscle behind Noriega's campaign.

But the committee never did, beyond a $20,000 contribution a year ago. Cornyn ended up raising $10 million, compared to $4 million for Noriega.

The Democratic committee's decision to spend the money outside Texas "is shameful and disgraceful, and we will do everything we can to prevent this disrespect from happening again," the two state senators wrote in a letter to the former chairman of the committee. "For the face of the U.S. Senate to represent the true face of America, we must all work together to invest in quality candidates such as Rick Noriega, not take a walk when our candidate is not a member of the millionaires' club."

Gallegos and Van de Putte implied in their letter that ethnicity — Noriega is Hispanic — figured into the national Democratic strategy.

They wrote that Noriega has an impeccable record of public service and personal values, but "to some who chose to sit on the sidelines in this election, those characteristics were apparently not enough — he is not wealthy or white. We have always believed Democrats are better than that."

Matthew Miller, spokesman for the Democratic SenatorialCampaign Committee, said the organization does not comment on its funding decisions.


These guys are learning the hard lessons about Democrats. Democrats don't respect them, they are just using them. I am sure Schumer wrote Noriega off early and directed the funds where he thought he had a better chance. I suspect he did the same thing in places like Idaho where the Republican won by a large majority.

Schumer can do this because he knows that most Hispanic voters are going to vote Democrat anyway so he takes them for granted. Democrats do the same thing with blacks.


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